Dominator Shaft


Upgrade Your Cue .... Upgrade your game !

High quality replacement shafts for most pool cues. Made in the USA by American craftsmen.

All our Dominator shafts are eight piece radial laminated construction that are hand built using  hard maple, ash, or purple heart wood.  

Pro taper, phenolic joint collar and insert, uncapped ferrule, and  G2 tips.

Quality, value, performance. No BS... We can't patent the experience and quality construction.

No tricks, boastful statments and slick promo, Dominator Shafts are the real deal.

In addition to our very popular Dominator "3"  ready to play shafts, and "almost ready to play" shafts  we have 3 brand new shaft designs available now.

D4..... Eight piece rad lam shaft 4 pieces of hard maple, 4 pieces of ash.

D5..... Eight piece rad lam shaft  all quarter sawn straight grain ash wood.

D6......Eight piece rad lam shaft ,built with purple heart wood. Break shaft or pro taper available.

Upgrade your cue with the Dominator Shaft. 






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     We are cue makers. The Dominator shaft has been standard equipment on Dominiak Cues for the past 15 years. Cue Stock is our core company supplying the billiards industry with high quality shafts and shaft wood since 1988. We are now able to offer Dominator replacement shafts  for most cues. Upgrade your cue with an American made product. Almost ready to play Dominators  are available for cue makers and repairmen.


    Dominator Shaft

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